SkyDancing Announces New Garage Consulting Division

SkyDancing/SCA Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce its exciting new Garage Consulting Division, headed up by Larry Funk, CPP. Larry brings over 35 years of structural experience that includes leading numerous commercial garage construction projects. At the helm of the Grand Parkway Park and Ride, in Katy, Texas, Larry oversaw the Metro project from conception […]

SCA Completes Two Unique Steel Projects

It’s not about how it has been built, but rather how it could, should be built. At SCA, it’s never about how it’s been done in the past as each project has its unique set of challenges. We assess each project in the real world – what we have, what we don’t have – asking […]

SkyDancing Thin Shell Structures

The construction industry is constantly in search of greater efficiency. Time, labor, and materials are all measured in dollars — the less you use, the less you spend. Concrete construction is associated with sheer mass: giant, heavy structures requiring enormous effort and large quantities of raw materials. An option is available, however, for building concrete […]