SCA Completes Two Unique Steel Projects

Published on 05/03/23

It’s not about how it has been built, but rather how it could, should be built.

At SCA, it’s never about how it’s been done in the past as each project has its unique set of challenges. We assess each project in the real world – what we have, what we don’t have – asking the right questions in consideration of the current environment and supply chain. We challenge each other, evaluating what it will take to get the job done – efficiently and cost-effectively to complete the vision.

Project | Manson E.P. Paul Vessel

  • 100 ft long
  • 40 ft wide
  • Helideck on top
  • 4-story hybrid living quarters, maintenance, and utilities

The Challenges

  • Before SCA’s involvement, the overall weight of the facility was too high at over 900 tons.
  • Noise control needed to be addressed as the location of generators was within the same space as the living quarters.
  • The building was built in a fabrication yard, crawled onto a barge, shipped down river, and installed on the 1000-ton crane barge.

How SCA Addressed the Challenges

  • Through the design of the structure, SCA was able to reduce the weight of the structure by over 100
  • tons without reducing the operational capabilities.
  • Using a modular approach saved time in cutting and trimming, reducing the construction time from
    two phases to one phase, subsequently reducing man hours and downtime.
  • Two separate buildings were designed within the quarters building to isolate the generators, with
    heavy-duty soundproofing for noise and vibration control from the living quarters.
  • Materials were sourced in South Louisiana, minimizing shipping costs with the modular approach and eliminating the need for additional cranes.

Project | Mammoet Rosharon Headquarters

  • 45,000 SF building on an active site

The Challenges

  • Mammoet, a heavy-lifting company, had plans to build its new headquarters off-site to avoid interrupting the active site workflow. Once built, the structure would be moved to the new location on site.
    • Moving the building could not disrupt the current workflow on the site, and safety was first and
      most important on the active site.
    • As a heavy-lifting company, moving your building would make for a great marketing story – but only if it’s successful.
  • The original design of the building, similar to what is normally found offshore, was a structure in four separate modules, making it complicated as the building could not be put in service immediately.

How SCA Addressed the Challenges

  • SCA changed the design to one structure, pre-built as a solid steel building with a steel floor and
  • concrete simplifying the building and moving process as one structure.
  • Considerations regarding the welding process with heat construction and contraction were addressed so that there would be no damage to the structure, with heavy involvement and guidance from our structural engineers.
  • The completely outfitted building, including the kitchen sink was crawled into place and fully operational within one week.

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