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Benefits of our hybrid system include:

Computer modeling for complete analysis
• Reduced material cost. 40% of manufactured products have been eliminated such as shear panels, drag trusses, rim boards,
    knee wall trusses, and exterior straps.
• Reduced labor cost
• Fire rated wall systems from floor to floor
• No pre-rock required
• Improved sound resistant construction
• Recent projects have experienced significant savings in the overall project costs


Isolation of the bearing studs by length allows for a blend of stud grades providing for reduction in cost. To date, no projects have experienced placement of stud in the wrong location. By eliminating the cavity framing, 40% of the manufactured parts are eliminated and specific nailing and hangers are no longer required. Danger of rotation of bottom chord trusses is eliminated resulting in improved safety.

United States Patent Number 8448406 issued 5/28/2013

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